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We handle all areas of family law:

  • divorce
  • equitable distribution
  • alimony
  • spousal support
  • palimony
  • marital-property settlements
  • cohabitation agreements; premarital agreements
  • child custody
  • child support
  • interstate child custody
  • visitation rights
  • grandparents’ visitation rights
  • post-divorce modification
  • child support modification
  • alimony modification
  • civil unions
  • prenuptial agreements
  • appeals

Litigation and mediation

Alison believes in settling her cases out of court. She uses creativity and her extensive knowledge of the law to accomplish a peaceful resolution, negotiating tirelessly and honestly to meet her clients’ goals. “At the end of the day, the parties have to live with their own agreement,” stresses Alison. “They’re in a far better position to do so than a judge who’s a perfect stranger.” With court-imposed deadlines and the emotional turmoil of divorce, clients who litigate can also feel out of control in regards to their own situation. “In my practice, my clients help fashion their outcome and control their destiny. The process helps them regain control and move on with their lives.” She will do whatever it takes — whether it’s mediation, engaging the assistance of experts, or holding a four-way conference — to meet her clients’ goals. While she has compassion and empathy for her clients as they go through the divorce process, Alison is also level-headed. She will champion their causes and can take a hard position with her adversaries when necessary. When a case needs to be litigated, Alison is determined and will not hesitate to forward her client’s position in a court of law. Her experience as an actress gives her added confidence as a litigator.

Take care of the children

Alison reminds those with children who are considering divorce to be especially mindful during their divorce. Family law, unlike any other practice of law, does not end when the final judgment is entered. The agreement you enter into will affect you and your children, if applicable, throughout your entire life. Whether you have children or not, take a step in the right direction by choosing an attorney who will treat you as an individual. You are going through an extreme amount of financial and emotional turmoil. You need a lawyer who is attentive to all aspects of your case. Whether your case involves extensive property division or children’s issues, or whether you want to settle amicably or need to fight for a fair outcome in court, our firm is prepared to help you all the way. Contact us today.