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Family law does not always end when the final judgment is entered. The agreements you construct will affect you and your children throughout the years as you interact with your former partner during school or family events. After divorce, you may choose to move out of state or need to rework accommodations for your children. Leslie Law is here to help draft these documents so you can carry on with your new life.

When you and your spouse get divorced, the divorce order lists the terms you are expected to follow. This may include everything from visitation with your children to the division of property and finances. If your former partner refuses to comply with this agreement, you will need assistance. Our attorneys offer representation during your requests for compliance, and we can also help you seek modification of your agreement, as needed.

A modification, different from an appeal, means starting an entirely new case. Filing a modification in New Jersey means you must show there has been a substantial, permanent, and unanticipated change that has happened since the last order was entered. You must also show that this change warrants the permanent modification of the prior order. Modifications are fairly common, especially in the case of parents needing to modify a custody order as a child ages and his or her needs change. One example where a modification may be necessary is the resolution of college contribution. New Jersey does not automatically emancipate children at age 18 and frequently compels both parties to contribute to the college expenses of children.

In New Jersey, many factors determine whether there should be contribution to a child’s college education, and how the expenses should be allocated between the parents and the child. If the parent and child were still living together, would the parent contributed toward higher education? How much money is the child seeking and will the parents be able to contribute? Is the child committed to his education? Are grants, loans or other financial aid plans available?

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