Working Together Towards Divorce

When Possible

A collaborative divorce is an option for those clients who would prefer individual representation while avoiding litigation. “Four-way” meetings can be arranged for spouses and their attorneys to meet and discuss the terms of the arrangement. In the case of collaborative divorce, spouses are represented by collaboratively trained attorneys. All parties sign a “no-court” agreement. If collaboration does not work, your collaborative attorney is required to withdraw, and you will need to begin all over again with new representation.

If you need the guidance of an attorney looking out for your interests every step of the way, you might find collaborative divorce a better option than mediation. Your attorney will be more prepared to negotiate complicated legal or financial issues. If there are long-standing dynamics in your relationship with your spouse that leave one or both of you feeling at a distinct disadvantage in conversations about difficult subjects, you might want the added insulation and structure provided by retaining your own attorney. If you want that professional to confer with at every turn, a collaborative divorce makes sense for you. Having a collaborative attorney at your elbow can sometimes provide you with the confidence you need to express what’s most important to you.

Alison is collaboratively trained and can facilitate this type of resolution. She will also help you to determine if this path is best for you—it is not the right path for everyone.

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