The Divorce Structure


Several factors may come into play during your divorce settlement. At Leslie Law Firm, your divorce structure, timing, equitable distribution of assets, alimony and custody will all be handled with grace and decency.

Divorce settlements can be quick and easy to forge, others are more difficult. They don’t have to be contentious. Both parties are likely to be emotional, either from a breakdown in the relationship over time or because of a “surprise” divorce announcement from one party. Keeping an open mind is important, and several methods can yield a satisfactory settlement for all parties involved. Not all divorce proceedings need to lead to a court battle. Your family law attorney will lead you through the process, work with all attorneys and necessary experts and help you proceed to the next step; your future.

In preparation for your first meeting at Leslie Law Firm, please compile the following documents:

  • Your last federal and state income taxes
  • Last year’s W-2 statements and 1099s
  • Your 3 most recent pay stubs and statements of bonuses or commissions
  • Credit card payments and debt
  • Domestic violence orders


You will be asked to complete a CIS, a Case Information Statement of income and expenses. Fill this out honestly and to the best of your ability. If you know your spouse’s financial details, you may also enter them into this form. The CIS will help paint a picture of your lifestyle—the one with your spouse and your current amended lifestyle, now that you are estranged. The CIS will ask for detailed information about your monthly expenses, from day care costs to your typical medical bills. You will be able to itemize your habits, both good and bad, by listing health club memberships and tobacco use. The more proactive and thorough you are about pulling together your financial details, the more smoothly the process should proceed.

Please be aware that you may be required to respond quickly to our requests for paperwork or signatures to facilitate court filing dates. You can often send files via fax or email for a faster turnaround. We generally have staff at our office from around 7:30am to 7:00pm, but call us to give us the heads up if you are stopping by to drop something off.

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