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One of the most stressful issues which is frequently argued in divorce cases or family law disputes is child custody. Whether you are getting a divorce from your spouse or you share a child out of marriage, Leslie Law Firm can help. Although it can be difficult to agree on who will take care of your child and where they will live, our goal is to help you establish a thorough parenting plan which meets your family’s needs.

In child custody cases, the parties will discuss legal and physical custody. We will help you devise a custody and parenting plan to express your desires and what you think is best for your child. The goal is for both parents to maintain a healthy connection with their children, even though the relationship with the other parent has changed.

When it comes to sensitive matters like child custody and visitation, we work hard to establish a solution which works for all parties involved. Your child’s best interests are the top priority when determining how much time should be spent with each parent.

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