New Year, New You!

I love New Year’s Eve! There is something exciting about counting down to a new beginning. I am a firm believe that each year should be your best year! This year, I am launching a new website, blog, and videos about moving forward, family and life in general. There is no wonder why people LOVE to make resolutions to help us lead a better life; so here are my tips to make 2019, an extraordinary year:

Stop wasting time: If you are waiting for someone to change, stop waiting. Be proactive. You need a game plan to achieve your goal. Envision the goal you want and put together a plan. Either your partner will be part of the plan or they will not. Do not let their immobility keep you from propelling yourself forward and keeping you stuck with them.

Cleanse your environment: Get rid of the clutter in your life. This means the physical clutter of paperwork, toys that your kids do not play with, and clothes that do not fit. This also means get rid of the emotional clutter in your life. End toxic relationships that drain on your emotions.

Feel strong in your body: Spend thirty minutes each day taking a walk, going to the gym, or working out to a Beachbody video. When you move, you breathe. Strength means showing up. When you are physically energized, you become emotionally energized.

Drink more water: You will feel better, just trust me on this.

Take Control of your life: Calendar events. Keep a schedule and keep to your schedule. Write down your goals and your game plan. Add accountability aspects, such as every 30, 60 and 90 days. (I even have mini-check-ins once a week!)

Here’s to your best year yet!


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